Lilavois, Inc.


The accounting department is the heart of the organization. The accounting software is the heart of the accounting department. GLPlus strives to keep the money flowing throughout the organization.

Lilavois, Inc. has been developing quality business software since 1980. We are now developing cross-platform applications in C++ using the QT framework.

Lilavois, Inc. now has General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable software in alpha testing stage. We are also working on a Grants Management application that is fully integrated into the General Ledger/Accounts Payable application. We plan to deploy to businesses in the first quarter of 2010.

Lilavois, Inc. is focused on developing and maintaining quality software. For Sales and Support please contact: PCS Orlando.


Roger Lilavois, Inc. (RLI) was formed in 1980. Roger Lilavois became an IBM business partner in 1980 to meet the needs of smaller firms that could not afford in house programmers. Since then RLI has also worked with Boroughs (Unisys), Data General, Sun, Dec, Digital, NCR and other major computer manufacturers. RLI was the first to develop a national E-mail type order processing (for Tupperware in 1981). RLI was the first to port UNIX to an IBM platform in the southeast (IX on the Series-1). RLI was the first to develop multi-user software for message display pagers (TAS in 1984). Since it's foundation RLI has developed not only the standard financial applications (A/P, A/R, G/L, INV, POS, etc. ) but also specialized Chemical Quality Control (AgricoChemical), Human Resources (Brunswick Corp.), and many others.

Roger Lilavois' understanding of system design and implementation has enabled him to overcome the limitations of languages and databases and develop custom applications based on the customers needs. He has developed in 'C', COBOL, Dbase, FoxBase, FoxPro, INFORMIX, ORACLE, and Unify.

Roger Lilavois was the first to develop IOLTA software in 1983. This software keeps track of interest remitted to the state authorized foundations. The system tracks relevant attorney, law firm, and bank activity throughout the state and assures that the attorneys and banks comply with the state rulings. It provides full reporting with details or statistics of each months interest earned by each trust account that every attorney has in the state. It incorporates a full fund accounting general ledger that can analyze transactions with ad-hoc reporting for auditing.

This application was originally written in Basic on an IBM System 23. Then when PC's were introduced it was ported toWorkstation Basic and FoxBase for national use. When the requirements for size and speed exceed the abilities of PC's it was converted toUNIFY running in Unix. Now with the current need for Windows it is converted toC++ and the QT framework and works for large foundations like The Florida Bar Foundation and small foundations alike.

In 2009 Roger Lilavois sold the Software Factory division, which supported and maintained the IOLTA software, toThe Resource for Great IOLTA Programs. In 2009 Roger Lilavois also changed the corporate name to Lilavois, Inc.

Lilavois, Inc. continues to develop quality software for not-for-profit and for profit organizations using C++ and the QT framework.

General Ledger
  • Full entry by batch with the ability to hold a batch and continue with another.
  • Full balancing prior to allowing posting
  • Full history analysis by account or history inquiry
  • Full set of financial reports with analysis options: Trial Balance, Transaction Register, Revenue and Expense, Balance Sheet.
  • Posting Register reprint
Accounts Payable
  • Full invoice entry with unlimited number of distributions
  • Description is variable length and not limited.
  • Integrated aging of invoices with amount required to pay.
  • Full check writing. Multiple invoices per vendor on one check.
  • Check reconciliation.
  • Vendor (name) analysis.
  • Invoice analysis.
  • Budget can be broken down by year, month and by company, division (fund), account, department, class, function, and activity.
  • Actual vs budget on the screen.
  • Full operating statement with:
  • Option to select based on transaction date or accrual dates
  • Full year or one month
  • Show monthly details
  • Selection by company division (fund), department, account
  • Presentation options (comma, decimal point)
Accounts Receivable - Revenue
  • Define your product (What) with default pricing and general ledger distribution.
  • Enter quote/estimate
  • Convert quote/estimate to receivable
  • Apply payments to individual line items, partial payments, full payments. All validated not to exceed line item or total receivable
  • Automatically bring up open quotes or receivables.
Grants Management (non-profit only)
  • Extensive information can be entered
  • Grant application can be copied and pasted into the Narrative
  • Grant type, category, sub-category relationships
  • Grantee Report requirements
  • Grantee board meetings
  • Disbursements and matching and returned funds. Each with General Ledger distribution control
  • Extensive reporting options and selections
  • List format for Copy and Past into Word Processor or Spreadsheet.
  • Analysis format for printing and distribution
  • Labels
  • Select by project, payee, assigned id, grant year, report due dates
  • Sort order by project, organization, grant year, person assigned to.
All of the Products have the following features:
  • They are fully integrated and share the same database. They use a multi-user transactional database that requires no database administrator SQLite. The database is recommended for accounting departments of small-to-medium organizations.
  • They are capable of GAAP (for profit) and Non-profit accounting.
  • They can handle transactions for multi-company, multi-division (or multi-fund) within the organization.
  • They are based on full accrual accounting and can break down transactions to the level of department, classification, function and activity.
  • They have a calendar/reminder based on the user login.
  • They have security level action control based on the user login.